Unveiled by New Balance is the latest iteration of their highly acclaimed basketball shoe franchise, known as the TWO WXY v4 (Jamal Murray shoes).

New Balance updates the two basketball shoes with new colors and styles

new balance two wxy v4

Packed with state-of-the-art advancements and performance-enhancing attributes, this new version equips versatile players with a powerful weapon to assert their dominance on the court. From September 22nd onwards, the TWO WXY v4 will be obtainable at chosen retail outlets and on the official New Balance website, priced at $120.

Introducing the revolutionary TWO WXY v4, which showcases an innovative combination of FuelCell technology and Fresh Foam, redefining the standards of rebound and cushioning. FuelCell technology guarantees unrivaled energy return, infusing each step with explosive and dynamic power.

Jamal Murray shoes

new colorway and material changes – new balance two wxy v4

Meanwhile, Fresh Foam delivers unparalleled comfort, ensuring maximum cushioning throughout the entire game. The lightweight textile upper construction provides excellent support and breathability while reducing overall weight.

Whether you’re nailing the game-winning shot or shutting down your opponents, the TWO WXY v4 equips players with the necessary tools to perform at the highest level.

New Balance updates the two WXY V3 basketball shoe to take your game to the next level. (Jamal Murray shoes)

In the realm of New Balance Basketball, the TWO WXY signifies a bold statement, and Jamal Murray remains the prominent face of this exceptional model. Jamal’s remarkable athleticism, dynamic playing style, and unwavering dedication perfectly align with the TWO WXY’s mission to cater to both offensive and defensive players.

According to Trent Casper, the General Manager for Basketball Design at New Balance, the TWO WXYv4 (Jamal Murray shoes) is a testament to their commitment in providing solutions that elevate the performance of their athletes.

New Balance updates the two WXY V3 basketball shoe with new features to help you dominate on the court

Where can I Get the new balance two wxy v4 Basketball shoes

By combining the FuelCell and Fresh Foam technologies, they have developed a shoe that enables players to reach new heights on the basketball court.

The objective goes beyond mere performance; it aims to revolutionize the game, and this is exemplified in Jamal’s exceptional play.

During the 2023 NBA season, New Balance athletes such as Jamal Murray, Tyrese Maxey, Dejounte Murray, Darius Bazley, and Aaron Nesmith will proudly wear the New Balance TWO WXY v4. The initial colorway, called Dualism, draws inspiration from the concept of being a versatile player and emphasizes the absence of weaknesses on the court.

New Balance updates the two WXY (Jamal Murray shoes) basketball shoe with new features to help you dominate on the court

designed for better traction and grip

Other notable color options, such as My City and Metal Mal, pay homage to Denver’s retro color palette while infusing a modern aesthetic.

Additionally, these colorways reflect Jamal’s passion for video games, and the metallic elements symbolize his invincible mindset during a winning streak.

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